Monday, 21 June 2010

The 7 Year Bitch!

The last few weeks I have thrown my self into the deep end of things and found that I am just spread thin. Needing to actually take a step back and take account of what to do. That being said I found myself simply in a funk that was a bitch to get over. I wasn't sure if it was pre-birthday blues, as I turn 42 in a couple of weeks. Then I hit the bottom and it sucked. I felt like sucha loser, and was an emotional blck hole around anyone whom came near me. To top it off I planned a birthday party for the shop. Great right.
I pulled my trousers up and soldiered on gave my self a pep talk to simply try and restructure everything.

Throwing a party takes smarts, tactic and percision planning. Guest list was drawn up of both clients and friends and all hands were on deck. I still have enough liquor to run a small off license on the side , hat was left from the party. My Liver is begging for mercy, put it that way. But In short is was a hit and people were happy. Mission accomplished. The party had everything from the drunk token slut, sex scandal, gossip and laughs. Fate even sent the party a scary ass clown to whip the party into a further frenzied drunken mess. Touche!

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Morbidda Destiny said...

Such a good party except I had diarrhea of the mouth bigtime. I'm so annoying when I do drugs. Good party though! When's the next one?! haha! x