Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fuck The Man!

I have always had a DI ethic, even if it seemed to be just me banging on about my own fucking scene and listening to the beat of my own drum. Yet recently I found out some information that pissed me right the fuck off. I consider how I make my living on the full aspect of my work and art. My imagination is my greatest tool, yet to the status quo. That seems to be not enough. Dealing with banks is a struggle, as they make money off my business and hold my accounts and deal with all my transactions and exchanges. They make money of me annually, bill me and still the protocol that they hold I find just a tad fucking ridiculous. As I am in the process of consolidating some of my accounts and stuff I am in the process of changing business banks. Choosing to go with one particular so called "ethical bank" I met with them and all was lovely till they didn't have the fucking courtesy to actually write me and tell me I was not approved. What the fuck?

I wrote them saying I wasn't applying for a bank loan and all my business loans had been paid off years ago and at what point where they going to tell me this. The moron's reply, "Oh we're telling you know." Ok, one I made the call to find out what the status was on my transferring of my business bank funds and point of sale card account. To which I was assured was an easy process and simply switch banks. After I complied with and put into writing, given the "ethical bank" statements and proof of my identity and shown that my business was in good order and placed my approval to allow them to switch all my business holdings. Easy, right? Wrong. So not only have they not approved me yet forget to tell me that this refusal of a bank account goes onto your credit rating for 60 months. The fuck, I swear I turned into a Mexican Courtney Love foaming at the mouth.

To which the operator tells me that I should be receiving a letter exclaiming why. This letter has still not come to my home or office as of this post. So now I am even without a card machine in my business. I apply for another company to handle my card sells and that fucker says I am declined because I would be a bad representation to the bank holding my account transactions and am considered an undesirable aspect to the projected profile of their bank. Plus they take issue with my artwork and use of language on my website. But the Bank Manager tells me, it's not his choice he would allow me to do business with him if it were his bank, but the policies are in place that don't allow him to approve me and my "type of business". In essence taking my money would look bad to their fucking greedy ass shareholders god forbid they ask me to a Christmas Party and make a scene.

If I were Ann fucking Summers whom sells vibrators and motion lotion to the secretary of these types of business the volume of money that is generated is considered ok. But Henry Hate is considered a risk and a blemish to the banking business system, set up by greedy fuckers whom fucked the global economy up in the first place. So what do I say? Fuck YOU Co-operative, and Eat Me Royal Bank Of Scotland. You can eat a big bowl of herpes dick till your sorry ass is out of a fucking job and your scally ass is out on the street! I will take my business else where.

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