Thursday, 1 July 2010

42, Fuck I Am OLD!

I will be approaching 42 in a few days time and have been thinking about where I am on the cycle of life. I am where I think I should be, but I know I could do better. Try and be a better person although contrary to popular belief I am capable of being dare I type it "nice person". So I have made no plans to celebrate as the shop just had a birthday party and my liver is just starting to recover from that celebration. But I have pretty much everything I actually want in my life. But I thought I could do something nice for my partner on my birthday and surprise him for a change.

But my friends whom are asking themselves, what do you get the guy whom has everything. Here is a little ol list I made up. Ok I know some of these are a wish list but a guy could dream can't he.
So on July 16th I would love to get one of these!

1) 32Gb 3G iPad! Because I would use the fuck out if the Bitch!

2) Johnny CupcakesT-shirts Size Large!
You get extra points if the t-shirt includes the Redhead!

3) A White Falcon Gretsch Guitar, Ain't she pretty!

4) A Trip To Bora Bora for 6 days of just relaxing on a private beach! Just me and Bren with the ocean at our doorstep. Heaven!
5) A nice day out with me, bren and the pooch somewhere sunny and with water as Joellen likes to swing and I love taking her for a dip.
6) The freehold to my building- If fucking only!

7) A Excalibur Food Dehydrator- As I love eating raw foods and fruits.
8) a good year of business in the shop and forward motion as a team with the guys and Kat.
9) To make Bren laugh and smile everyday, but I will try in my own.
10) Good health and happiness.

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