Sunday, 4 July 2010


They say that things resolve in go in 12 year cycles. Is it just me or have I been listen to Psychic Sue over at Dionne's Psychic Friends way too long? Well, tomorrow is an anniversary of sorts. You see I landed on english soil exactly 12 years ago to the date. On plucky snot nosed 29 year old stepped off a plane with exactly £1200 and not a friend or name in London to rely on to help a foreign visitor. It seems like yesterday in fact and not that long ago. I left friends in Hollywood and a relationship to seek out my path in life and stake my claim. I have always been a gambling man. So I guess you would have to blame/thank my dad for that. In twelve years I have a life partner, dog and a business and a few resident friends that would help my hide the body if shit ever went down. So that's always good to know.

Would I do this again at 41? Fucking no way! I don't have the patience and the stamina to re-root myself and life and start over from scratch. For the most part I am set in my ways and have something I truly value and wouldn't trade it in for the world. I will never forget the feeling inside the pit of my stomach trying to think where the fuck I was going to go and didn't have a clue of what to do. I mean I had an idea, but I was putting down to fate. If it happened it was going to happen, but I was in no way going to force it. So I raise my glass to my friends, and Family who've been there for me and my partner and pooch, whom understand me warts and all. I love you and England is definitely my home and glad I took the risk to set out on a course to find my corner of the world.
I'll say one thing it would make a hell of a book, and never been dull that's for sure.

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