Friday, 23 July 2010

Sex And Guts!

Bruce La Bruce is a funny guy and his latest opus finds a schizophrenic Francios Sagat spreading his zombie VD around the basin of Los Angeles like a Hilton on a friday night at Club HYDE. Bruce's films have featured in most cinematic events, that promote themselves with laurel leaves and pass out decent booze, all while calling them gala's. Nice work if you can get it. L. A. Zombie mixes sex and guts to those whom crave it in their films Directed by Bruce and prodiuced by Dark Alley and Wurstfilm. The film features hardcore gay actors and the acting for the most part is a bit shit. But let's be real here, you really can't keep in character when you got a dick in your mouth and a zombie probing you anally from behind now can you? A hardcore version is to be release and the film has been recently banned from screening in an Australian film festival due to not being granted a film classification. Ironically the banned version is the soft core version. I mean really if your gonna ban something, how about banning the music that that ass hole Peter Wentz, Taylor Momson, or My Chemical Romance put out. Still, putting a ban on a flaccid penis, how rude. But here is a little taste.

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