Friday, 23 July 2010

All Kinda Wrong!

Every so often Ben gives me a heads up on people I should post on my twiiter, because let's face it there are some serious kinds a wrong walking up and down the streets of London. I mean jesus, will some one think if the children or please consider my very own retina's. So I was giving this little tidbit in my email from a admirer of my tweets. And I couldn't resist. I have to give people props for stepping out the house looking a damn fool when the rent was due last year. But me I just can't, but my jaw dropped when I saw this, Bring it bitches, bring it! I wondered if it was from a client whom works at Vice as responsible for their Do's & Don'ts. Someone should have been a true friend and told her to get her tuck on or at least pass the poor creature some gaffer tape.

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