Monday, 26 July 2010

The Choice Is Jiz!

When I was younger and had more idle time on my hands. I would show up to pro choice rallies with an ACT UP Rounder just to rile the angry feminists and man hating lezzies with penis envy, Believe it or not it was really funny cause I would always pretend I was at the wrong protest. God I can hear the Indigo Girls playing in my head now just thinking about it. But I am actually pro choice and once paid for an abortion. Long story short when I needed a new design for my new shop, I needed a web designer. The guy was a cool dude whom I met around Shoreditch whom was a web designer and in a bit of a pickle. You see his girlfriend was pregnant and both were to broke and struggling to pay for an abortion. Being that the NHS doesn't subsidise abortions, when condoms and booty lube are freely available in most metrosexual bars and hangouts for free. So he said he would design me a new website if I gave him the exact money to pay for his girlfriends situation, and I ain't talking about abs either. So being the kind and gentle soul I am, I paid £6--. And -- pence for my website and help a couple in need.

I know some will think what I did was wrong, but I looked at it as a mutual arrangement, and they were both very happy about it So before any of you start to camp around my shop labelling me a baby killer. I didn't exactly have a gun in my hand and it wasn't like I wafted the money in their faces, and they both felt that now was not the time as they were still young and not ready to take care of a baby when the difficulty of taking care of themselves was hard enough. And anyone whom lives in London knows, this is one mother fucking expensive city to live in. So out your gross banners away and lighten the fuck up. I think all pro lifers are just repressed sluts whom are gagging for a gang-bang, thats why the feel since they missed the boat, they want to punish others by making them loose out on all the fun they never had. Some people can be such fun sponges.

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