Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Swish It Up A Bit!

I went to a party over the weekend in South East London (I know, the shame), where me and a friend were discussing the hybrid of new gay. Metrosexuals and hyper masculine people whom preen an image that overtakes them like a second job. Me personally I don't get it, cause they lack an ingredient that most people find sexy, and that's humour. I have one friend whom shall be nameless that is afraid to even be seen dancing to a Donna Summer record. He became annoyed with me, when I snorted. "Bitch please, as long as your face front on your knees before a cock meat sarnie, you's a pole smoking nellie to a simple jock. This didn't sit well with him, and I reasoned that most guys comfortable in their own skin don't give a fuck. So seeing this made me laugh as I love Jane Lynch, and showing you this will kill two birds with one stone. So to those guys, kick back, ease up and have a laugh.

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