Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Let Me See You See You Shake A Tail Feather.

I will admit it I hate, Yes god damn it I said "Hate" Ke¢ha. The music makes me wanna stab my fucking ears with an ice pick. I don't buy into that bullshit posing as some kool chick whom fucks you in a dank alley while waving goodbye to the parents of your latest conquest in the kitchen. Bitch needs to visit the latest Herp Clinic and get her ass and vocal cords checked, pronto. So seeing this made it slightly easier, and reminded me of the time I spent in the army. Relax, the government took back the M16, so I don't own a semi automatic anymore. I once fucked around with some of my army buddies while out on an exercise out in the middle of the National Mark Twain Forrest in Missouri. While having fun a while my first sergeant saw us clowning around and screamed we "weren't being tacticle". Ok, we were supposed to be behind enemy lines in a foreign country but we were on american soil in reality. Makes sense right?

Long story short I got into trouble and was made to do out gaurde post from Midnight to eight the next morning. This little episode led me to believe in two facts. One, there is no such thing as Military Intelligence. I say this cause I think most guys whom follow military intelligence find it difficult to think for themselves. The two words are like oil and water, they will never mix. Secondly, I will bust a move when ever the fuck I feel like it regardless in I am behind enemy lines. So to the Israeli Soldiers, shake it like the rent was due last month,

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