Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dork Ass Punks.

You might think I am weird by trying new novel things like being polite or even friendly to those I don't know. I swear on my left testicle I have tried in ernest to be a good human and a happy kind creature. Yet, there are times when I grab a marker and draw I line in my social sand. One of those is with the Mohawk or Mohican. Anyone wearing that shit past the age of 25 is just fucking sad. I mean most guys past that age still wearing one look like the beat off countless times during the day while still at home at their mothers house or neighbouring squat. Gay guys are the worst, cause if you look at them they look like the kinda guy who'd have a cardboard box used as a night stand. Three pump chump.

Girls past the age of 25 shouldn't wear fucking hair colour that a 6 year old girl think is pretty to paint their bedroom walls with. I am all for age appropriate looking people. Yet when I see these fools I can't help to bust out my phone and take photos of these people and place them on twitter usually with a witty quip or a bon mott. I know it sounds cruel but I simply can't help my self, its like crack. It;s a lot like seeing a fat goth out in black pleather decked in ruffles in the dead of summer. I swear it's a buzz kill and equivalent to fashion herpes. You're really not rebelling against anyone other than making my eyeballs itch, and if you want to be punk rock, there are better ways of being punk rock than looking like a 14 year old with a lost disposition.

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