Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Beyonce's Board feed from The Today show yesturday made it's debut on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio.
This just made my fucking day of laughing. I am not a fan of Beyonce as a global phenomenon hocking crap the world over or any other high class priced Star for that matter. That being said if this shit made it to American Idol, that would be Priceless to see Simon Cowell's face as this voice tries to Audition. Pop music as it has become toady is so fucked. I blame this in part for the way the state of the world is. Science must be scratching it's head right now. I believe that there are scientist hard at work in military out posts crating songs that scientifically annoy the shit out of anyone. This could only explain Brittany Spears, Lady Caca, Madonna, The Pussytute Brigade known as the Tannycat Dolls and that Clay Aiken. And I have to say that sorry ass Gaykin looks like a science project of some shit too. Because you can't fake Rock and Roll. I relish the sound when I hear a thundering hard rift or white noize over these crap acts any day. Sad o say that pop music is directed at gay men and 10- 15 year old girls. Gays buy into it for the costumes and crap and I never seem to understand it. It's like you need a visual to take your mind of how fucking stupid the song is. But I have to say this was priceless. When I was taking music in College I gave my vocal coach a demo, he liked i and asked me whom I liked working as a signer in current music today. One in particular sprung to mind when I mentioned P.J. Harvey. He asked why and I simply said she sounded like she was being fucked and strangled at the same time. Lucky Bitch! Beyonce sounds like she's having a Buick shoved up her ass while her hair is being pulled. Enrique sound like a fucking mong having a shit. So lets remedy this shall we. Crank it!

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