Saturday, 18 April 2009

Straight Woman THIS IS the new look for JU!

Ok like I said before to watch a woman put on her make up is a quit erotic ritual to watch. But it has been brought to my attention that a little ol rivalry between to cosmetic lines virtually selling the same slap has perplexed me. Since when did woman start wearing make up like drunk tranny whores after a six day crack binge. I mean come on, you seriously can't expect to land a man with that fucking look. Well maybe if your man like trannys. Speaking by English standards most do. They'll fuck a man in a dress by the first quack of crack. Maybe a shrill "Fierce" from the town drag queen but I can not see that women would actually go out in public with that type of face on.. In broad daylight? Lets look at the first picture. Would you let alone glue shit like that to your face. The point is to sell make up not fucking scare the bejesus out of all and sundry. Looks like "it's" make up kit took a shit on her face and home-girl lost the battle. Now don't get me wrong I am all for flying the freak flag sky high but I don't want to look like a fucking clown when doing it, well not in public anyway . The only people I can see pulling these looks and colours are drag queens, club kids, tranny's, fat girls whom only hang out with gay men or my brother to one of his club nites.
I make fun of fat goths whom insist on going out in broad daylight in pleather and ruffles with a face full of make up. Cause then I get the notion that they insist on wearing layered plastic clothing and pvc in hot weather, sweat under the bologna tits and God knows what comes to mind and make me feel a little faint or wince. But I have to give them props cause I am all for their bravery to look the way the do sans the fear gene. If only they actually dressed like zombies, would be way cooler. I think their insistence of wearing dripping mascara and blood stains and flour on their faces should be unlawful for sake of human decency. So don't get me started on Conchita Gonzalez Romero Cisneros in pic 3. But woman everywhere in Southern California and yonder are painting their faces in shades to make the town whore ooze her panties thick with cream.

You have BitchSlap Cosmetics (I am not making this up_) whom encourage woman to embrace their inner drag crazy crack whore drunk on make up, just happens to main line liquid eyeliner!
You also have Forever Glamourous Cosmetics who is manned by a chirpy pleasant woman whom seems to have a heart of gold and in her videos seems nice enough, BUt! And there is a big but and not the kind in reference to an although. Chica has the wrong face to be selling cosmetics called Forever Glamourous. Maybe Forever Puta or Crazy Chola, till you wash it off... Hey, at least she is her own product. and if your going to peddle ones ass, it might as well be your own. Yo can expect to see this coming to a super market near you, but I think once Paris Fashion Week gets wind of this I believe thy will create some bullshit as such. .. to keep it real. I can't see a woman going to a date wearing this crap at least without a veto from her male companion or counterpart. Serious this make up looks like gay rape in a compact. This is the type of make up job that happens to a girl whom passes out at a party drunk, and everyone decides to do her make up while also drunk. MAybe a little girl getting into her brothers make up kit tucked in the closet.. at most but see for yourselves. WOULD YOU BUY MAKE UP FROM A FACE LIKE THAT? This look reminds me of the cross dressing hookers on Santa Monica Boulevard whom used to hang out in front of Carl's Jr. on weekends in full puta gear and splendor. Perhaps it does cost alot to look this cheap. But if it looks like Ho, smell like a ho and acts like a ho.. I bet my two salty nuts it's going to be a HO fo SHO with perhaps some snacks underneath. So you might wanna check under the hood before you take it out for a test drive.

Perhaps these women without even realizing it have found a new fetish for men. Looking like a drag queen for their mens. Works for me. Anything to keep the party going, and for me thats not alot. Then again I can be a cheap date, don't ask. But then as your man is humping and pumping away you might want to have a look in his goodie drawer for the latest issue of DOLLS With BALSS or a copy of Tranny Gang Bang Volume 3: The Ass MANAGERIE! It might indicate where your headed.

I do think that these woman would pass for woman for that matter if they were to go out with that crap on their face.. Especially the one whom claims to be a Master of Make UP. Being that these woman buy their products from a manufacturer who deals in selling private label cosmetics they are in essence the same product under different guises. But still I am shocked that any potential customer would attempt these looks without the intent of visiting the local gay bar. SO you heard it here first...

Pack it on slap it on and apply it with a trowel All you need now is them clear heels for that all encompassing WHORE LOOK!

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