Friday, 20 August 2010

Doncaster Fashion Week!

Pyscho Cyber Animal Print Fusion In Glorious Technicolour


It's been a busy few weeks running around town, running over small little girls (not my fault), Tattoo Convention and tattooing, and them my assistant taking a walk. Touche, and life goes on, but while I was up north in the lovely crown jewel that is Doncaster, I am always floored by the grace and style of the city the the place on parade. Living in a fashion capitol myself I am apprceciative of style above all. Let's face it tattoo convention style will always give People Of Wal-Mart a run for their money. The clothes are dreadfull although there are some lovely and beautiful people walking around. It is the ones that make my eyes itch, that keep me entertained. Here is a small sample. The biggest thing going this year was the drain pipe for guys with the obligatory black t-shirt and those hideous Ed Hardy BY Christian Audigaur crap shirts. Skin was on full dsplay, enjoy.
Doncaster Dandy

Doncaster Yorkshire Realness and a true english rose.

Horton Hears A Who Where What The Fuck!

Seriously I thought she fucking rocked this look! Hawt!

Emo Boys and CamelToes- I Hate these fucking Vegan Boring ass fuckers!

My former apprentice finds these type of dudes sexually enticing and gets all hot and bothered at this site(Seriously, NO Joke) excuse me while I wretch, Spam Juce!

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Aimee E said...

And here I thought Americans dressed like sh*t! It amazes me what some people think is so cool to wear. Really people, it takes a lot more to dress to impress then EVERYBODY wearing the same stupid Ed Hardy crap, ICK!