Saturday, 14 August 2010

Get Some BUSH!

I actually think there are few current gay illustrators whom captivate sex properly and miss the mark relying heavily on anything other than the male form and it's prowess and primal state. When I was younger I came across Harry Bush whom was always a second to my favourite Tom Of Finland, yet since my exile from TOF Foundation Harry has taken the top spot. Maybe it's my age but I will always dig his water colour work.
What I found quite profound was that the artist found it quite hard to emulate the joy and exuberance that his artwork displayed with in himself. A loner and whom was filled with self loathing, often escaped to the world where his creations lived. Due to his own internal struggles the reclusive artist would destroy many of his original images, from pressures with the outside world. Still this only makes him a greater entity to the body of work he created,and the results are pretty remarkable.

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