Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Positive Side Of GRUMPY!

Grumpy the character is misunderstood. Dare I say it even loved. Yet I feel that being grumpy has its definate positive aspects. Ok, hear me out. As I have been in therapy for a while now and even have done anger management-side bar, my therapist was fired by ME! Anyhoo, people have accused me of being grumpy, and I smile and bistle up with a proud nod and say abso-fucking-lutely. Damn straight! You think I just turned this jaded and sour over night? Think again it takes years of practice to become this Grumpy. I fucking have a PHD in the shit. So Being Grumpy doesn't mean that I will not compromise nor bend, quite the contrary, i will meet any one in the middle provided it is sound judgement and fair.

Being that I have been in treatment for my brain, my shrick asked me what the positive aspects of being a grumpy hot head. I was stumped for a moment cause no one had ever asked me really what my view was at that point. So I told him. matter of factly, it's the most honest point coming directly at a person. No aggressionm nor and resentment, yet there is no point of pretence that sunflowers bloom out of my ass when the human race and modern man can be reduced to a self absorbed cocksucking maggot. Sure I would like to say I trust fellow man and drunk from the chalice of human kindness, but the baby has peed in it's own bath water, so I will pass. He smiled which told me in some indirect way that I was close. Yes I believe in good and there is evil. My receptionist Kat believes that the root of my evilness comes from the protuding eyebrow hair that sticks from my brow. She's afraid if she cuts it I might turn into a stepford husband and that woudl scare her more.

Looking around I did some research and discovered that grumpy people are far more healthier and were better to react under stresss, were more prone to be better a judgement and problem solving than those that shit sunshine. My former assistant who recently went MIA used to say I should be more kinder in my delivery in asking him to do things cause he was a nice person. Sure he was nice, but I also thought he was immature, whiney boy in a slef absobed body that belonged to a male specimen yet continued to moan like a kid, rather than just deal with it. Buy a clue. here's a hint most people whom say they're nice, most times turn out not to be so nice. I say this cause they lack balls, to be just a little more honest with them selves and others. There are a few things I would like to be honest about, that's why I am in therapy, to be more aqcuainted in my skin and accept the hot head that stand before you. My partner thinks I have all the making for a grouch, and he calms my rough seas. My dog calms my crabby demeanor and she is also a mirror of my behavior too.

So If I turn into one of those guys whom turn the sprinklers on kids for playing in front of my yard, I will welcome it. So the next time you see a grouch, they just be the most honest peson you've ever met.

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