Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All I Want For Christmas!

Chistmas is that time of year where your supposed to be charitable and give from the heart and not really ask for things that you really don't need. As I pretty much have everything I want and need I have made three lists. Things that I could use that don't cost anything really that would make my life better (the Good Henry List). The things I would like and use of a material sense, The Greedy Henry List. Finally The Slutty Henry List or as I like to call it, Dream On Fucker never gonna happen list!
Still the only things that matter to me is the first list, cause I can buy myself the other stuff, well except for Tom Hardy and I am gonna need to rob a fucking bank for that shit! Ultimately I am looking forward to time off and relaxing with friends and family and maybe getting my drunks on.

The Good Henry List:

1.) Love and support from Bren And Joleene. The most important things in my life. Although I tend to be forgetful I am glad they are in my life, and feel complete. A laugh and some quality time with my number one and only. Play time with the pooch and belly rubs for the nibs.

2.) A better business year and hopefully some good press and for the shop to go from Strength to Strength.

3.) The Capacity to go easy on myself, as I am my own worst critic and really rake myself over the coals sometimes. I would like to stop beating myself up sometimes and cut my self some slack.

4.) More time off Cause I fucking need it.

5.) For the Tax man to get off my dick and fucking chill, he'll get his money eventually. I pay made fucking tax and it's seriously hard for a pimp.

6.) To loose an extra 15 pounds as my doctor said then I will be at my target weight.

7.) less stress and doubt.

8.) The ability to not loose my fucking Iphone as I am on my 7th one. Jesus H. Christ.

The Greedy Henry List:

1.) A ring to hold my wedding band in place as I have lost weight and the damn thing keeps slipping off, It's the most important thing on my person.

2.) John Waters hardback book "Role Models" Or The Last Living Slut By Roxana Shirazi in HARDBACK, well cause everything is better in HARD BACK! Jeez I sound nasty.

3.) a Navy Black Peacoat. Cause my closet would be complete with a bad ass navy black peacoat.

4.) A new Imac for the shop as my compute at the shop is on my lat fucking nerve and about to throw the bitch out the window.

5.) Converse All Stars and Vans in Red, Black, Grey and Blue. Some new Adidas shell toe's with some fat laces classic white leather upper and black stripes. Size 10

6.) a 65' 3d TV.. I swear i would never leave the house.

7.) This Comme Des Garcons tartain shirt.

8.) Walter Van Beirendonck Boiler Suit.

9.) Chippewa Engineer Boots 17' and 11' Also some O Ring Engineer Boost with steel toe. Black Size 10

10.) Jeans from Cinch on Newburgh Street London 34' Red Label

11.) Dickies traditional carpenter utility jeans.

12.) wife beaters white Large.

13.) A Guildman Shears T-shirt from A Child Of The Jago.

14.) A Bally And Williams Kiss Pinball Machine, cause deep down inside I am just a 12 year old boy who's ape shit over Kiss!

15.) A Silver Glitter Falcon Guitar, So Beautiful!

16.) Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap All In One. being that I don't wear deoderant I use the shit out of this stuff prefer lavender and or tea tree The big bottle. as I bath Joleene in it to.

The Slutty Henry List: Yeah I know this is the list your really wanting to read.

1.) See Number One On the top of my List, More Sex with Bren, yet i am sure he thinks I could wear out a mechanical bull, I can't get enough of this guy. Yeah Baby!

2.) My Get Out a Jail... Tom Hardy and a dank dark alley for about 8 Hours.

3.) Christopher Meloni. See Number Two

4.) The National Australian, England, and Oh yes Irish Rugby Teams. YES ALL THREE TEAMS TOGETHER! Or maybe over a whole weekend. Poppa's got a brand new hoe bag.

5.) Lawrence Dallagio.. Phew, man

6.) Josh Homme. Fucking hot

7.) Add them all together and watch me make my O Face! Ice Ice Baby!

8.) A bigger dick and a million pounds cause If I had that I would get into all kinds of foolish craziness.

Seasons Beatings and a viscious new year guys, O' Ker!

Love H

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