Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Penis Envy!

I read other people's blogs from time to time to really get a handle on other peoples musings. Finding this site I came across the topic of phallocentric. Steady, I am just walking you through it. I am all for equal rights, and man and woman being a co-existing parallel of humanity and want to have hope for us all. But sometimes I think certain broads take this shit WAY TO SERIOUSLY! The other day I saw a group of lesbians, which when I see a gaggle of them I call them "Lesbi". Not Lesbians, I don't think it's mean they just look a sexual and androgeonous to me. There dress sense was something of what I take as a resemnblance to a gaggle of Christmas Elves. From the land of Baking cookies or making sex toys for horny lesbi the world over up in a tree some where. See below Exhibit A.

I am not lesbia-phobic, in my next life I hope to shink to their size and have child bearing hips, were courderoy, and have an over enthusiastic appreciation for power tools. (I already do) Yet What always gets me is the Wee-Man Bullshit. So this person personified the ANGRY LESBIAN. Hey sister the guy was an asshole who made a lewd joke to your said wife. Get over it. You should be so lucky the fucking dude thinks your wife is hot! However vulgar, it is irrelevant. She bangs on about guys touching their dicks and being fascinated with them and so on. I can recall a few girls on my street who's parents were told by the school, their very own daughters were willing to play with themselves at any giving point or had a slight problem of leaving their hem lines below thigh region. People are just to goddamn PC these days. Lesbians especially Wee-Man or whatever the hell they call themselves are some of the biggest penis envy loving mother fuckers in the world. And they are Mother fuckers in a sense of linguistic terms. I like my dick I like dick so much that I have the shit tattooed on me. But I am not going up and down the street screaming I like to suck cock and come & get it, free cock here. I fucking wish! Still there is a time and a place and if you don't fucking like it take your ass back to the Diana Island where Wonder Woman is from. I'm sure when all your cycles hit you'll all be oh so pleasant to be around. She claims that men use sex as weapon. Bitch, please. If anybody and I mean anybody everused sex as a weapon it is always going to be in the hands of a woman. Why cause men are stupidly whipped to the power of pussy, dick too for that matter. Jesus these broads hate men and there penis's so much that they spend a hell of a lot of time looking like men or trying to emulate a masculine tendency. Woman use there tits or ass as weapons, I got news for your, it works both ways. Woman are just as aggressive and far more manipulative than men ever will be. I say this because men have ego and a level of humble reasoning. Where as woman tend to harbour shit so much that it will keep the duey decimal system in operation for infinity.

I have sat around and listened to girls talk about there boy friends, even some of my male friends and the candour that woman divulge is far more intrusive and way nastier than a guy could ever fucking muster. Trust me. Sure a guy would brag and make shit up, but women use anything they can to leverage their side through any means possible if it meant getting ahead. It doesn't make them evil I fell it's intictive as a part of survival. Yes it suck that woman can do the same job and get paid far less then her male counterpart, but that shit needs to be taken up with a boss not men. Woman use their tits as a battery ram, or even tools for distraction especially those slutty ones. Lesbians whom are adro-phobic tend to be the most aggressive, alpha male chasing, piss contest taking, sore losers to ever walk the earth. They can't handle that an actual Male chromosome is swimming around in their gene pool. So in a sense a dick was involved on the creation of you, like it or not. Second point before you start fucking going off on guys and their dicks, perhaps you should rethink all those Phallic Sex Toys made for women. Why arn't there any fucking sextoys shaped like clits to mash up with? Cause to me all those vibrators, they all look like dicks, so you can candy colour them any fucking way you want it's still a penis. If you truly wanted to be a bigger man/person here you would admit to your self in a nut sack (pun intended) you have penis envy. Shit I do, I wish I had a bigger dick and a million pounds. Cause baby, I would be fucking DANGEROUS!

You sound more pissed that there is some fearful factor and resentment over some trivial comment. Let it go, it really doesn't matter what a fucking guy says as long as you benefit from the love you give your wife and your secure in your placement. As far as refering to the "boys club" woman do the same shit, Primarily LESBIANS and women bars. It's not enough to have a gay bar, oh no, we need FISH BARS. Tatar Sauce anyone? You know how fucking annoying certain lesbians look with their sex, gender Sylvia Plath reading, post fem, Lillith Fair holding ticket, cuntery is? Quite frankly when you behave that way you deserve to be called a bitch, cause your hitting below the belt. A womans rage will go for endurance, stamina, and longevity, yet they're maternal and pretty good at keeping the peace with in reason. Men are just different. Doesn't make your needs any different from mine. No matter how you slice this it is fucking irrelevant men and woman are the same, straight gay, or fucking trans gendered. I don't bitch about it, cause I don't fucking care. If you continue to walk down your one way street with your envy your going to wind up at a dead end road, so wake up, grow up, and for fuck sake get some balls. Your lucky you have a wife who's willing to share a life with you, and no matter what shit goes on your safe in her book. Penis or no penis, you should take comfort in simply knowing that. Now if you'll excuse me I need to attend to my man pussy!

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