Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I am suffering from a cold and insomnia so I am blogging at 3:00am. I can't fucking believe it. As i traipse around the wonderful web i check into LOL Tattoos from time to time and pray to god my shit never shows up there. But I like the site cause it's a reminder to not take my job so seriously and try and keep a level head and have a sense of humour. Is it bad that it's three AM and I could really go for a cold cold Mexican beer right now? Anyhoo, We get asked all kinds of silly stuff and although very good sometime the person just hasn't really thought it through. But I came across this and was pissed that some dick head tattooed a 13 year old kid.

Sometimes I think that the tattoo world has done lost it's fucking mind, yet this is maybe age speaking. I am glad that I never really got that many tattoos as a kid. Infact, I didn't have any. I could afford them, let alone think about what I wanted on my skin at that age. I remember at one point wanting to have the stupid ass demon dogs like in Dracula with Gary Oldman, I never did luckily. I think this is good detourant for a person whose considering getting some work done and really have a thought about it as well as "certain" people whom think they are tattoo artists themselves, relish in executing work that seems fucking kool at the time but actually isn't. Buyer beware! I say this because it may end up like this SHIT!

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