Friday, 3 December 2010

Marks And Stenclis Part Deux!

As well as traipsing around London in the Blistering cold We made our way to the Marks & Stencil Show and I entered the art contest with this little post card where artist Dran will pick the winning picture and give the winner a free print. What was nice was that even Joleene is a fan of art and she took especially to some of Dran's card board that he was intending to work on as part of the installation. We didn't purchase any art as I wasn;t bowled over by the current work on display but it is not to say that I didn;t like it. I just didn't see anything i wanted to buy, as we did discuss the possibility of buying Art Of Shiva as it was on display nextstore to Bren's shop on Portobello, but that was just a fleeting fantasy.

My entry was a boy drawing one of my chica fuck dolls with the caption, "all bad boys draw on walls". Wish me luck. The show is still on till the 22nd of December.

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