Friday, 3 December 2010

Blues Explosion

I always bow down to Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, I have been a fanatical fan for years from the very begining. I will admit I think Mr. Spencer is sex on a stick, in that evil Elvis kinda way and love his voice. Long before Jack White was claiming blues, the New York trio were banging out solid noise that had me bow down at the temple of their blues church. So last night me and my partner Bren braved the snow and left pooch at home to see one of my favorite bands. Thanks to Deborah and Barry for the guest list. I am forever endebted to you. Much love. The guys kicked out some favorites spanning their twenty uears and was the forst show in about six years. Loud as fuck and battling a few technical difficulties Spencer and co. did not dissapoint.

funny thing even my dog Prickle love the Blues Explosion as much that he ate four cd's making me buy Orange repeatedly. I am never sure if I really have a favorite song but I am partial to Orange and Plastic Fang. Jon Spencer is a true showman and thats one of the reasons I love them and well as minus the bass, they fucking rock. Yet, I will say The Blues Is Number #1!

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