Thursday, 17 September 2009

Come Dine With Me!

Over the weekend I treated Bren to a movie, and since I have a thing for cooking shows I dragged him to see Julie and Julia. The film was ok, but it was the food that gabbed my goat and floated my boat. As I watch most cooking shows I am more prone to Hugh Fernley Whittingstall and Heston Blumenthal over hot head Gordon Ramsay or even Marco Pierre White, whose restaurant I have been to. But Our beloved Notting Grill is gone and we are both left with Julie's in Holland Park as our local fave. So this brought me to thinking about the new wave of restaurants that I like to inhabit. Living in London, I do have other favourites, such as Nobu and Black and Blue and Galicia on Portobello Road. Yet, my palette calls out for more screams even for bigger bolder badder. So with the trend of underground restaurants taking place over my choice for clubs, there is something to be said for the speak easy restaurants peppered all over this city.

Such as The Pale Blue Door in Hackney and The Surrealist Dinner Club these are two that are worth getting on the list for. I can act a damn fool and drink like I usually do at a family reunion and not really care, cause it ain't a party till something is broken. With limited space in such venues it is more intimate and a lot more social in such gatherings. Tony Hornecker turns his flat into an on off dinner establishment with complete with entertainment that makes this quit a nite to remember. I do enjoy cooking for large groups of people and when all else goes horribly wrong for me in the kitchen, the worst does happen. I virtually turn into my mother with one to many double jacks and the barbed bon motts keep a flowing. So if you like your mains served up with roast beef and drag queens this is a thing that will far surpass the boring old dinner party. With the Surrealist Dinner Party having a small hosting this too reminds me of Shunt Vaults.

With pop up restaurants and shops taking place all over London such as Stokey's The Secret Ingredient, it's no surprise that London is still such an amazing city to live in. So armed with my booze and appetite I will always dig in. Bon Appettite.

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