Monday, 14 September 2009

Who the Fuck!

It's official, I am uncool. There, I said it it. you heard me. Out at the George and Dragon grabbing a few and throwing them back after work to calm my aching nerves I ran into a good acquaintence whom I have known on the scene here form some time since moving here 11 years ago. We started talking about old age, and our sale by shelf dates when the topic of drugs came up. So before you start thinking we were doling out the Peptol Bismol and Pamprin along with the Peperation H, over Mint Julips, drugs became the topic. Now I don't partake in drug runs to Cuba like I used to as I have a partner, a shop and a high maintainence pooch to contend with. I just don't do them like I used to because I just don't like feeling like shit for three weeks.

So It was surprising that I was schooled on two new ones, MTV and Methedrone. Now it wasn;t that these two party favors flew over my head that surprised me. It was the fact that some fucking idiot thought it was good idea to concoct such a drug. As I really am not a circuit queen, never have been never will be. This Disco Dosing of MTV was by far the stupidest one I had heard of. Simply for the reason in taking it. MTV is Methamphetimine, Antiretrolviral Tenofovir, and the last bit used to treat guys with erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hyper tension Viagra. Taking this would make you "immune:" from VD and the great Bug, but you took this for a weekend when you wanted to be ridden like the mechanical bull over at Gilley's and check your morals and underwear at the door. But I thought what kinda a dip shit welp thought that this was a good idea and why in the fuck would some one end up like that little old disco broad from the movie Studio 54, having a heart attack on a dance floor.

When I went out I used to see these guys fucking draged out semi conscious and somewhat breathing. And yes they always met abit of my scowlful scorn. I mean I have lost my wig a few times in a club, but who wants to be th aging dude wh can't handle his shit at a club. Certainly not me. The other was a drug named like the Brian Jones Town Massacre album- Methadrone. Apparently plant food. This one seems a little more viable as at least the reasoning behind this is who gives a shit their high on plant food. But the other just baffled me. I have to think that sometimes the gay community has become something of a large suicide cult. These are the same bitches whom have that look of catholic guilt on their faces at the free clinic. You know the ones whom looked like they just blew the whole Rectory of Priests at their mid morning cock worship.
I don't puty circuit guys as they go into debt and play on a place that is rather flat vapid and one demensional. I mean most of this whole ideology is based on the life of luxury and party with the beautiful people.

This is where I am always amazed by my dog and her needs. They are so simple and standard. Gay guys need close proximity to cock and booze. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the whole actilng like teenagers in heat does seem a little sad. But, yes I am offically uncool. I am ok with this. Because I have made my peace with it long ago. I have nothing to prove to some queen in hot pants, as I have my partner, the coolest dog in the world and a business. A brand new buss pass and a bunch of bad credit. To quoate grandpa Simpson, I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now I found it weird and scary and just a little bit stupid.

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