Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fuck Yeah!

I do not consider my self a writers writer. I mean ok, I drink alot and have had my fair share of illicit practices and walked away with a good stroy or two in my life, but a writer, no. I did take up writing in college and to the amusement of my professor always found me a good read to say the least. But I was flat out gobsmacked when my buddy and drinking partner Jimbo asked me to contribute to his blog Fuck Yeah Horror as writer form time to time. Being that I have a love for horror films and those old video nasties and explotaion films of yore. He was amazed at my knowledge of movies as I am a bit of a movie geek.

I dunno, maybe he was looking for something uncooth, unrefined and blatantly low brow to rile his readership. First I was flattered and then succumbed with self doubt, and then my ego kicked in and after being fueld by eight jack and cokes, I decided why the hell not. So I will be delving into my collective and give my opinion of the genre so loved my many and hated by a few too. I may make you laugh, I may even shock you with what I have contained in my library. Still this will only make you further understand the warped mind that I like to call my very own. Sow have look and see my first entry.

I chose I Spit On your Grave, or as I like to call it, "You fuck with me bitch, and I will feed you your balls!". let me know what you think.

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