Thursday, 17 September 2009

Culture For Vultures!

Here are my current Picks of Book, Movie and Music at the mo. Being that I have alot going on at the moment and trying to no become a certified bee keeper. Yes, you heard right, I am harvesting honey bees and have my own swarms. Haven't you heard Bee keeping is the new rock and roll people, so get with the program. So any mother fucker whom says you can catch more bees with honey than vinegar, better come talk to me first. So I am going to do my part and try to help out the bee population and make my own honey pot. So when they say I have a bee in my bonnet you nest fucking believe it. But here are my picks of the mo for you to check out.

Movie: Reform School Girls. Love this movie and love Wendy O' Williams. Always loved those bimbo's behind bars genre flicks. So make with the Extra Hold Aqua Net and teasing comb. Pat Ast turns in a stellar performance and with loads of good one liners to stock up on.

Music: Oxes Oxxes Cd.. Monitor records I was listening to this the other day and really forget what a great band they are. My partner is not a fan but I crank this shit up at work and find my creative flow when I am working to get my creative juices going. I made a baby cry and a woman asked me to take the music off in the shop. My reply was "look lady, I don't ask you to fucking shut your kid up when your at home. So I would appreciate it if you do the same in my establishment. Please take that child outside if you don't like it!" Well I said please, and it wasn't court ordered. Not like I sent a swarm of bees on her and the squealing brat.

Book: Shit Magnet By Jim Goad. Brilliant and funny writer and co founder of the seminal Answer Me. Brutal honesty and read through this three times over the years, A must have for any man trying to deal with his own personal demons.

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