Thursday, 24 September 2009

Finally! A Ink Show That Doesn't Suck

We have been bombarded with shows about ink this and ink that. So it goes without saying that you don't need to have some bullshit story or reason for getting a tattoo. God forbid you go into a shop and get one for purely ornamental reasons. There has been a few tattoo TV shows, including the bullshit dog and pony show I did years back. Now, National Geographic Network, are televising a show about a group of bad ass guys from New York whom do animal rescue. These are the kind of guys you don't want to fuck around with. These tough dudes with hearts of gold, go after people whom place animals in jeopardy. Risks of dog fighting, which is become a problem here in the UK, to puppy milling.

Anyone whom has dealt with breeders, can see that puppy milling is a huge problem. I came across a few of these shit bags, when I was looking for a dog before Joleene came into our lives. These people don't treat them as animals, but rather than just a means to make money. The conditions are sub standard and always heartbreaking to see. When I came across this was basically on the news here when flipping channels. Suddenly my interest perked, and when coming across their site,I was completely behind their cause.

Upon choosing to take a rescue dog from Battersea, Joleene was named Pheobe and just a small little pup of 9 months who had two previous owners. The last owner brought her back to Battersea, after she claimed that this plump pooch challenged her in her own home. I asked if we could adopt Joleene and was brutally rebuffed. As If! So I did what any self respecting adult would do. I turned into a snotty four year old sullen brat. I went back three times and was unrelenting in my pursuit of this most loveable dog. They felt a dog like her belonged in the countryside. They were judging me on my physical appearance, for the fact they get a lot of mistreated Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Finally after two interviews and one house visit. Joleene was mine, a birthday present from Bren, and the best gift i have ever been given.

It is very difficult to witness animal cruelty in any form. I am always amazed that this little bundle of joy loves me, even on my worst day. Her needs are simple and she always seeks my approval and love. If I don't roll on the floor with her upon my arrival home, she will sulk until I do so. I think it's one of the high points of her day and a ritual that I love. So I will always be in support of Battersea Dogs home and pet adoption and pet rescue. I try and love like Joleene and be the best owner I can be for her, as she is my baby. Spoiled as she is, she is still a very good and obedient dog. Having a good dog takes time, patience and a lot of love and dedication, and is worth it. So if you get the chance watch the show, and check out their site.

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