Saturday, 16 May 2009


I have two very close friends whom I try and see as time allows, yet since we are so busy we hardly get the privilege to see each other as often as we like. But I was invited to come down and spend the weekend at All Tomorrow's Parties. And fuck yeah I was here with Devo and the Jesus Lizard and stoner legends Sleep it was a fun weekend. With other acts as Killing Joke and Future Of The Left playing on Sunday the line up was wide and varied curated by the fans of ATP and the Promoters themselves. So with a free bed and pass I tucked into the festivities and Jack Daniels hard! The spoken word stage was curated by Lydia Lunch, With loads to do over the weekend there was Rock and Roll Bingo and Quiz Nite and Movies chosen by The Lovely and mucho HAWT Deborah Higgins and Barry Hogan(thanks man) and the rest by the fans again. Jesus Lizard fucking ripped that shit and started it out with PUSS! And the crowd went mental, me I already am..yet I was bummed they didn't play my favorite song. The ART OF SELF DEFENSE. The previous night Devo played the main pavilion and I was a little skeptical that these guys were going to look a right mess because I am one Jaded son of a bitch. But I have to say the surprised me and still had some serious showmanship to the songs. A friend bitched a few days later that they only played for an hour at the Kentish Town forum and only played Whip It along with Q:Are We Not Men and nothing else. But I loved "Just A Girl".
If I am honest the older guys showed some of these prancing kids just ow it is fucking done. I mean there were some surprises.. The Fuck Buttons get better every time I see them and they are always friendly to chat to. Sleep ripped it and was a total privilege to see them pay there one and only reunion show. Deborah was teasing me cause I thought the drummer was hot Hot HOT. Me and Alan from Photofit went back stage to see the Sleep show, and the roadies offered a beer. PartY, party. I love this festival because it's devoid of any actual corporate sponsorship and it's a pretty tight knit production. Thanks to Deborah and Barry, Adrain and Rozy.. mucho love and respect. I was suprised I could actually hold as much as I drank three days running. There goes my AA chip. Oh well.

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