Friday, 29 May 2009

Culture for Vultures...


I am kind of a hoarder. Well I hoard books, films and Music, Toys. Then there is my archive of work from years past. And at present I am starting to crowd my three story east end studio. It costs a lot of fucking money to pollute a mind such as this greatness with useless and important information. So, here is the skinny and how it works. I simply go over to my vaults of culture close my eyes and pull out something I own at random. I will pick one book, one cd, and one film that I own and share my thoughts and opinions on them. As some are either hard to find or become reissues or your ass just missed the boat completely you can envy my collectables or you may have something simmilar and turn me on to it. Could be worse, I could turn into a Mexican Courtney Love and twiiter my ramblings fresh from my stupour of God's own Pharmacy.

In print I bring you Freakonomiccs..

Written by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dunbar.

Contrasting the Ku Klux Klan to Real Estate Agents (Apparently it has been reappraised), Prostitutes to Achitects, and Drug dealers whom live with their mothers, to over the counter staff at Mcdonalds. Which can break down a drug dealer to earna modest £6.50 an hour selling drugs for someone else. A very insightful read and a better way of applying theeconomic formulas to a random list of topics and their impact. Just how could a pregnant woman start a crime wave.., I took notes. Funny and insightful and a very entertaining read.


Red Aunts
Ghetto Blaster

I was 27 when this little diddy fell into my lap and stereo. My Favorite songs are "Poison Steak" and"Exene" and Midnight In The Jungle. Long Beaches finest turned out a gem of 12 songs recorded in Detroit and ripped the fuck up,. Shame that LA's finest all girl garage punk band split amongst ego and pwer trips and hearsay rumours. released on Epitaph before the Label turned to shit, but still a very good album and sends me back to the nostalgia of Smell A. Was glad to say that I saw Terri and gang back in the hey day a few times. You sould also check out 40 oz. Motherfucker or Numbe 1!" Chicken Ah memories.


Belle Fe Jour
Catherine Deneuve

"And if she wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekend- It ain't none of your business." Bored housewife turns to ho-ing it up big time in a Parisian Brothel with two other stylish whores whom gets caught up in espionage. Her fantasies carry her into realms that I think most overly sexed people have at one time or another. Directed by Luis Bunuel, I have the 40th anniversary edition and a must for any ethical slut or erotic hornbag. My favorite scene is the mud scene. I have to give it to Madame Denueve, she really lets go and just amazing as Severine... If only all brothels were like this....and all prossies looked like this, with pendulous pointed tits and good wigs. I can only drram of such extravegance.

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