Saturday, 16 May 2009

Breaking The Rules Apart.

When I moved in with my partner I was always fixated by a gallery on Portobello Road that I claimed one day I will be hung in this stable and find represention. Become a "real" working artiste! Loads of cash or lack there of, minimal supervision and the least amount of effort to bestow my visions. I would gaze at the walls and scrutinize the works before. Scrutiny is always such fun when your alone and know one is there to interject some sort of affirmation. ANYhoo! APART has been on the fringes and has always had some impressive pieces that has made me run back to my work studio and make like my drunk Aunt Edna and make with the glitter and glue gun. The summer show is hanging nicely on the walls at the junction of Westborne GroveW11 and Pembridge Villas. What's nice to see is that some of the artists there were also featured in the MUTATE BRITAIN which was an amazing show. Adrian of APART has placed some killer stuff up and I suggest you go and have a gander. The Hall is dog friendly as was MUTATE so if your walking a pooch and want something to do, by all means cruise on in. The exhibition is only hung for a short spell as APART are now a roving Gallery changing it's roster and locale constantly. Believe it or not Joleene like looking at art or maybe sniffing the paint, who can say...

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