Friday, 23 October 2009

Four Minutes And Ten Seconds You will never get back.


Well after picking myself up from the floor, and wiped away the laughung tears, I have made it to the computer. Well Adam Lambert has channeled Diane Warren via Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider for this over the top wail fest. I was pretty let down by Mister Sisters video debut. Where those stupid outfits he foisted on us during American Idol? Meatloaf it ain't. Toned down guyliner and a more subdued look for Prissy Missy, he comes across like one of those dorks from Matchbox 50 something. Oh You know, those bullshit bands they have on the hills that people are supposed to say sound cool. What I found funny was people running away from him while his shrill voice wailed , as looking for a hasty exit to get away fromt that voice.

Looks like they pulled an Ann Wilson or Paula Abdul and stretched his ass in the video. Sho nuff Columbia Pictures has alot of fucking money riding on his ass. But was this it? Why do these movies always seem to have some sort of hokey fruity OTT power ballad, it kinda comes across as propaganda to me. European movies never come up with this drivel, but Americans lean into that shit and lap it up. Why I will never know. These type of movies are nothing more than the equivalent to a shiny red convertable car thats not really gas efficient. All show no substance. Mr. Lambert, Aerosmith called they said close but no cigar. Spliced with heavy promotion of the film 2012, this is really not a great start for Lambert. Thats why I think his look was watered down to please the fat cats over at the Studio as to not draw any attention from his shiney other outfits.

Although it is impressive how a ham can stay unroasted under all those hot lights. Judge for yourself.

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