Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Secrets Of Bees

for a while now I have have been fascinated with the art of beekeeping. Reading whatever I can get my hands on and the understanding of the craft. Beekeeping is something that is shrouded in a sort of mystic and historical secrecy. It was a few years ago that I saw a feature done on a kid whom had bee hives on his roof in Hackney, that gave me an idea. I am always having taggers and trespassers upon the roof of my building and though that keeping bees one one way to keep those fuckers off my roof. Learning the art of beekeeping is alot like tattooing, very hard to get into and extremely tricky. Yet I am someone whom always insists on preserverence thought this would be a nice change for me to take. I help the envrionment. I am less likely to get hayfever from my produce and the secrecy of bees is something that I think is quite magical.

Watching a documentary the other noght on the dwindling population of the honeybee, I was shocked. The number of beekeepers in the US was dwindling to an alarmong rate along with the honey bee themselves. As I may be a hot head I care a great deal about our planet, even though I think the human race sucks at time. But nature it's self is an awesome machine. Watching this documetary made me wonder why beekeepers were transporting bees croos the US for of all things Almond farming. It is a recomended watch for anyone. So the next time you see me and say I have a bee in my bonnet. Hell yeah, and I swarm of bees too.

In the US the honey bee stands to be extinct by the year 2035 at the rate its going. So with global warming and pesticides, mytes and other crap thrown in, something needs to be done. But this would affect the US food supply as well as the ecosystem. Some beekepers are loosing 30 to 90 percent of their colonies, and the fall out puts a strangle hold on farming and the agricultural sector. Colony Collapse Disorder is something that has scientist scratching their heads for a number of reaseons in the US. As bee keeping in small numbers becomes the new rock and roll, to help pollination, I can only hope that there is a small glimmer of hope. That is if we all do our part in some small way.

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