Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Importance Of Ego

I have been sitting in this a while and I do believe when it comes to art there should be a level of humility and humbleness. That said, I do believe that there should be the ever present ingredient of Ego. Yes damn it I said it ego. The importance of an artist to have an ego is paramount in some ways. They have to believe that their shit is good enough to make a living on, put out there and let go. This is not to be confused with Artistic Temperment.

On Erykah Badu's "Tyrone"- "Im gonna test this out. Keep in mind that I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit!" Word. I would like to think fuck yeah I am good, but I want to grow and get even better. But I could give a fuck about what someone thinks as I make my own money doing this.

Watching ART RACE on Sky, I am amazed that these two souls are put to the test to place their work exactly where their mouth is. Trading for room, board, food, travel or money to get from A to B. I know of one guy whom charged people money to critique their work, posing as a full self employed artist. Fuck me! The guy has a regular day job, which to me would not equate to ever take his paltry words as gospel. I would only ever take the advice of someone whom I knew was certifiably an actual working living breathing artist. Whose sole efforts are their only means of living. Not some chump who clocks in for someone else in a fucking day job. EVER! Now if you want to make a living as a living breathing artist be prepared to hear alot of the word NO. Even still, be prepared to work around it and keep going. Yes, you will be confronted with doubt, creative blanks and moments of dull inspiration, but thats the process.

My mother freaked when I refused to get a regular job and knew I could get paid to do what I do, and fuck everyone else. I was looking out for me, number 1. I was determined to do so. And I still have a plan, but my work is my imagination and I get paid for it 100% and I sleep at night with that. Ok I don't sleep alot cause my brain is always on the run and my imagination is on constant spin, but I like that. So do I think ego is important, yes. Do I think ego is needed, to a degree for the most part, you are your own maker and what you put in is what you will get back. So keep drawing painting and sculpting cause you will have a few doors closed in your face. Success is built on the pillars of failure.

If you expect to get rich well then your in the wrong game. Be honest with yourself and you'll probably do all right.

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