Friday, 9 October 2009

Make The Money Don't Let The Money Make You!

Yesterday was my man's Birthday! Yippee! So I devised a plan to try and make this a great day for him. We made or way to Southbank and made our way to The Tate Modern, where we are memebrs. The sole exhibition we went to see was Pop Life, and ithas caused some furor over the image of Richard Prince's Spiritual America. The funny thing I found here interesting was the proclamation of prostitution more than once on the touch Ipod's Tate Modern gave us detailing the work as we walked through. Although I liked most of the work featured by Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Richard Prince, Tracey Emmin. Throbbing Gristle's own Cosey Tutti Fanny, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Tracey Emin, Kieth Harring, Jean Michelle Basquiat, and Takashi Murakami, with a few others. I thought some of the bullshit rhetoric some of the commentators were talking of were far from the mark from the actual work. Looked like some one needed to pull the stick out of her art college ass and live a more informative life.

The pursuit of money and the transfer of means for an ideaology or product was the main focus, i felt. If your going to sell it, fucking sell it but with image. No truer words have ever been spoken. Shit I am all for whoring yourself out for what you think your worth, but again, back the shit up with substance. Most did. Yet I can't stand Sarah Lucas', work as I could wipe my ass and plaster it against a wall and call that art. Hirst's work that was featured, initially cutting out a gallery and selling it straight to the people was interesting. This feat was impressive as it was done the same week that the financial crisis went into meltdown and the world markets crashed. Netting him a massive £114 million pounds when peoples homes were being repossesed. The work that was sectioned off to the public due to some shrill harpie, was Richard Princes work. That was a bummer. Image, was still something that was also put across in the works, as in making the artists themselves more media savy and image conscious. Like Tracey Emin, I like drunk Tracey Emin, bitter angry and a fucking mouth on that broody broad. But her work leaves me a little ok, so your a tortured female artist, big whoop! Who isn't?

Being held on the main exhibition hall of the fourth floor, it was only half of the whole floor. Normally they use the whole floor of both wings to exhibit special shows, this was just not the case. Luckily there was no Gilbert & George as looking at loads of thier work is like listening to the Pet Shop Boys. One or two songs is great, but after a while the shit starts to sound the same. I am a big believer in marketing yourself and using the media to further my work. I don't whore it out or donate it for free as some people do. Money to me is a means and is just a byproduct of what I do. Sure it is nice but I don't have dreams of buying a mansion in Hampstead or Bel Air. I am working on a few things at them moment, but to have the TM house one of my works is a goal I would love to achieve in due time. I'll get there, eventually.

Andrea Frasers' "Untiltled" was on show, but I didn't stick around for the guy to slam like a screen door in a windy city. Her concept was more to the point than any other artist on display. To me this was the stand out piece of the show, as she got stuffed by an art collector to the tune of $20,000. Whore it out bitch and make that money, don't let the money make you.

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