Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Man Enough To Be A Woman!

The world has gone crazy mad bat shit berzerk. Old people slapping unruly childrens, that are not their own. Trashy southern women lip synching and shaking their cottage cheese asses. She's still trash. Can't sing for shit either. Yet, people love her.
The Tories are standing by Polish homophobes looking like fools. Money is scarce, and Oprah is pissed that the Olympics aren't with in her power although she picked the American President. So when the third ring of Saturn found today at 300 million miles from the other two plant rings, thing went awry. I checked my keys, counted my money, and made sure Joleene went to her morning poo. Something just seemed a bit weird.

Homegirl needs to bring it down abit. The school principle was probably worried that this bitch was getting to much cock action in the locker room at gym class. I mean come on fuck me, those heels are just two high for a 16 year old girl. But then again when you want to sell something you stick it in the front window. I mean I am sure they would bitch if a chick come to school dressed like a total whore too. So Girlfriend needs to drop the stripper Crystal Connors/Alexis Carrington look. Start dressing like the prossie tots of her generation, like the chick that looks like a beaver... Miley what's her face.
But Jonathan Escobar thinks he's with in his right, but come on. Excuse me Jonathan, Lady Caca called and wants her look back.

Well, now it all seemed to finally make sense. Drag queens are opening a can of whoop ass and damn it they're not gonna take it any more. It takes balls to put on some come fuck me pumps, put on some slap with a trowel, tuck and a reinforced panty girdle. My brother likes his make-up and heels. We are polar opposites of each other. He likes perfume, I don't even wear deodorant. He loves shiny fabrics, I like leather and denim. I always wondered how most drag queens end up being tops. Muscle Marys' tend to be power bottoms. So looking at this footage I thought shit the planets are aligning in their favor. They can kick your ass just as fast as you they can fuck you.

Don't even try it with the bitch cause she might park her nails in your face and she's bound to ape on your ass. Strange thing here in the UK is the fascination with cross dressers and in some areas people don't blink an eye to it. I think this is quite cool, and every one here just kinda co-exists with each other. I know a beautiful woman whom would never get the snip, cause the dudes she's into would not be into her if she did. Now I commend them for their bravery and think some of them could rethink their actual wardrobe choices. Their always good to have at a party for a good story and soundbites. Invite a tranny fucker and you have a hit of a party on your hands. You have been warned.

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