Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tattoos Of The Moment!

Every so I often I will post recent or current work that I have done. being that some times it's hard to get on top of the gajillion other things I need to do, so I will post my work of the moment for you to poke at with your judgemental sticks. Enjoy.

These are Dave Dirt's hands cool guy and rock and roll drummer. I always think it's an honour to tattoo someones hands as it's going to be something that everyone sees, and is less likely to be covered up with clothing. The theme was to have a sweet and sour type thing going on as opposed to good and evil. Sour has a real scar on her face that Dave already had from an accident.

This is on a fashion photographer whom liked my distressed sketch stuff. and virtually drew it on by pen first.

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