Thursday, 18 March 2010

Good Press

I am featured in this months Bizzare Magazines Tattoo Special with Kat Von d on the cover in the Tatpack article. I was interviewed for the article before my trip to Dublin and features the Nissan Cube sculpture. As I recently caught a new episode of
LA INK, I can't believe the shit that they made the show out to be more like a soap opera with that braod from Rock Of Love, what gives? I wasn't impressed as it was more drama and the same old story of my cousin died boo hoo give me a large tattoo and show me crying. That is not to say that I do not like the work that is done their cause I do. yet I am always suspicious of scripted reality shows as it's scripted in some form or another. Like those stank scabs from Keeping up with the Lard ass-shian's, I still have know idea what the fuck they do other than fame whore themselves and I still think the big one looks like Chyna from WWE.
Apparently there is to be a new tattoo show from the producer of the lard ass shians featuring a tattoo shop that bills it's self as a tattoo couture studio in a fucking spa. OK, I can roll with a tattoo shop in a casino cause I am a bit of a gambling man, but a fucking day spa. WTF! Nigga Pah-lease that is way to fucking dignified and on Park Avenue, the minute I see a Vanderbilt or a Rothschild sporting a sleeve I will stick my head in a toilet and flush that fucker. That is just way to fucking dignified. I mean they could have dressed a little better and actually worn couture in the photos. I will never understand some people. I need to sit down before I get my bitch on. Anyhoo buy the magazine.

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