Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lesbian Chic!

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My Friend Pippa whom is one of the most stylish and glamourous swans that swims in the river of my life who writes a blog over at Madame Says covers an array of subjects from great music, food, shopping (my current cardio) and style. She is a fashion consultant, Dj and just a really truly cool woman. Her & her other half Nathaniel own a shop which is spitting distance from my shop Mr. Goldstein on Hackney Road which contains curious, treasures and clothing for those truly in the know. I have to give it to them they definately have an eye for things. So much so that my home and shop house some of their findings. You better regocnize! Anyways Madame Pip's always writes about Lesbian Chic which I always enjoy, especially since she recently paid homage to the chola's of Echo Parque and the Chicano loving sharpie brow women. Yes, it was time to bust out the Wet & Wild Make Up lip liner in *666 in Dark Pecan. A staple for any self respecting mad dogging chola from the razza barrio por vida! Ode Le Pues..Uhh!

What I find interesting is that this new breed of Lesbian whom undergo gender reassignment who really aren't lesbians get the machismo just right. Better than some moisturiesing loving gay man. Take for instance Balian Buschbaum whom was is a former olympic german pole vaulter born Yvonne Buschbaum. Balain recently underwent the tuck and the results are I have to say amazing. Why is it that some women get spot on than some gay men whom just have 'Gay face"? Seeing these pictures I was was like DAMN! I was all Hummina hummina, grrrr! I can appreciate great beauty but some gay men even from the back look well truly gayer than a pink suede christmas tree. Why? I have a acquaintence on flicker whom is also a post trans male named Brett, and I have to say looking at him, I would have said here's my number and a dime call me any time! Brett and Balain got it going on.

Once on a night out with some friends a woman at a hostess bar thought I was a female to male post op. Needless to say I was speechless and shocked and appauled coupled with a compliment. Was a a pretty guy who struck her as butch? My friends had a good laugh especially since we were all drunk. Some gay men get hyper masculinity all kinds of wrong. Like some 49 year old dude wearing a G Unit t-shirt. Bitch please we ain't rolling with Jay-Z at his crib cracking Don P's. Some gay guys don't come close to the style of todays trandgendered men. I mean they nail it good. But I remember when I loved in LA and Buck Angel was just a lesbian at Fuck dressing like a white cholo, she still looked like a lesbian. But I tip my hat off to them.

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madame said...

I love you dude!!!!! And that's the first time I've heard the phrase Gay Face in SUCH a long time - made me snort my fish and chips outta my nose!!!!