Saturday, 27 March 2010

Paula Yates Incarnate.

Ok I have been drug fucked to know what that look looks like. I have even had chemical dates where we intentionally fucked high on drungs and still had that mong look on our faces. I once left a guy in my bedroom for two hours as we were both high on Peyote and my flatmates were entertained by my antics in the kitchen as I was looking for something that probably didn't exist. Yet he was keen just sitting on my bed waiting for my return, my room mates informed me of the lapsed time. SHIT! So people are making a big stink about Peaches Geldof's alleged drug fucked pics. Scientologists are besides themselves, and she denies "it" ever happened. I would to if the guy was not hot. I mean I will be the first to admit I have been with some dogs, but Jesus. We all can't be choosy drug fucked sluts. Looking at these photo's make me wanna check into the free clinic.

But I have to say any girl or guy who lets a dude take photo's of you while fucking isn't gonna say no to a little back door entry. Servant's entry to the rear, that's why they call them Butlers. Stank is as Stank does no matter if it's wrapped in Scientology. I think it's a shame that Bob Geldof doesn't fucking set that broad straight with a slap in the mouth. I have seen Peaches Geldof walking around Potobello a few times and she's actually prettier in person. That being said, the camera is not her biggest fan. I smell Paula Yates coming on. So the story goes she put out on a one night encounter and she smuggled smack through customs to be cut with lemon. Call that's what all those wacky kids in Shoreditch do now, get with the program. Don't even get me started on her tattoo's. The photo's are complete with zit spots, bandages and glassy eyes and maybe a few wet panty stains. Typing that even made me feel ill. Beware of sex tape in 5,4,3,3...

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