Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sister Machate Will Cut A Bitch!

Times are hard, and getting your county check/dole giro is never fun. Well since we are on the subject of fighting. I saw this and had to give props for the chick in the black and orange jacket. Bitch was ready to but a fucking move and back her mister sister up when all of the sudden, it was fucking as if Sasha Fierce was channeled into the welfare office and decided to let her fierceness roar. Mary let it be known that that cunt Anna Wintour had nothing on the his September Issue, and roar he did. Now if only all welfare offices were this glamourous. Ok, am I living under a rock but how can someone on public assistance own in possession a video phone. I mean that by any means is a luxury to the county isn't it?

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