Friday, 19 March 2010

Puro Chusma!

My grandmother used to have this scowl that I always envied. She would mad dog Satan and I swear that son of a bitch would back down and then she would whisper the words in spanish, "este puta es puro chusma!" When I heard those words I always knew two things, one it wasn't a compliment on a woman's designer impostor perfume. Secondly that it those very words coming from my grandma would cut a bitch. Ouch! Being that I think Jesse James is hot, hot, hot. I can't really see what the appeal is of the tattooed road kill scab star fucker alleging to have been pussy plunged by the hot mechanic. What put's my off this woman is her fucking forehead tattoo that reads Pray For Us Sinner's. I'm sorry but just how fucking retarded is this whore?
Just looking at this woman gives me crabs, syphilis, and herpes and a slight case of what I call Catholic Priest Guilt whish is worse than standard run of the mill Catholic guilt.

Michelle Bombshell Strips for Jesse James
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Sorry no dude can or want to make a ho a housewife, and chicks whom are on the wrong side of thirty trying to attempt the whole Razor-blade babes, Suicide Girls, or what ever the hell they're calling them tattooted pin up broads this week. This is just a little fucking sad that some guy probably talked this dumb bitch into tattooing her forehead, great Wow, what a novel idea. My dad has a saying that I still use and my straight male friends always laugh when I tell them. "She looks like the kinda girl who would let you fuck her in the ass and wouldn't complain or say no." Hey I am all for cool sluts just not dumb ones. Sorry to say that there are loads of these broads around and pretty much a generic stereo type now. Clear Lucite heels, way way to much make up, mutated big tits and tattoos, so much for individuality, what the fuck is up with that?

I am not against heavily tattoo woman but some woman look really hard and actually their femininity gets lost as they look more like ink whores who let guys spooge all over them with their tattoo ideas. From a distances these woman look like road kill. You know when you see something on the street that's been run over and left to dry, well thats what they start to look like. You're looking at a guys work not an actual woman. So regardless of the point that Mr James may or may not have plugged the stupid broad. Just the thought of looking at her forehead while receiving a hummer is enough to loose wood over. To distracting, and just damn ugly. I mean I like certain face tattoos line the Maori moko on women looks fucking cool on the right women. Yet we ain't in the South Pacific, and we ain't Maori now are we? I think some woman get it so spot on. When I worked in Soho, there was a chick whom worked for Agent Provocateur whom wore the pink pastel uniform, flame red hair in a perfect roller set side sweep, complete with a one arm tattooed sleeve. Hot! She worked that shit everyday I saw her in uniform going to work, and she always turned heads. She was still very much a woman, who didn't look like something caught in a drain like Michelle Dipshit Hooty Mcboob. It is alleged she has some tattooes that stand for "white power", something I would never tattoo on some one, according to the W & P tattooed on her legs. According to her it stands for Wet Pussy. Mor Like Wanga Puta which translatesto loose bitch. More Like wet pussy dripping with Gonnorhea. I would never tattoo anyone that related to any kind of power. Yet I would tattoo Honky Lips on someone! I think when tattoo artists are tattooing woman we need to remind ourselves that this is a woman whom is just that, a woman. This is all kinds of dank stank or some biker momma ready to be gang banged at The Sturgis Biker Rally

I hope that things work out for poor Jesse, as I don't doubt his actual love for his wife. I sometimes think that we as people place to much a regard on fidelity and that in the real world the promise to share a life with someone is a big deal, and the mistakes & feeling are only human. Still sex doesn't mean shit, lust is fleeting, love is eternal. Good or bad it's the person whom is there and to have a more real outlook on things means you have a better chance at happily ever after. Than they promise of until he fucking breaks my heart, then Ill quit this bitch. It's fucking easy to have a shit relationship, it is hard work to have a good one. I will shut up about this now and get off my soap box. Fly low and avoid the radar.


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