Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

This year is starting off quite bumpy, not to say that it hasn't come with it's plus's but I have to say this years started off kinda rocky. I know it's all year of the tiger and all that brouhaha, but Jeez! I went in for a routine check up and was discovered that I swim much to close to my parents gene pool than I would like to. I am now officially a diabetic. I am officially old. So before you start picturing me traipsing around London in an Iron Lung and a walking sticking screaming at people to get out of my way. (A favourite pastime of mine) You should know that I am what they call a type 2, so my Rock N' Roll Lifestyle needs to be rearranged and watch what I eat. Upon discovering this I thought to myself, am I going to have to turn into some tree hugging hippy, whom only eats food with dirt still on it? Not necessarily so.

A few months ago my mother suffered a stroke and her memory is not what it was and certain things got lost in the mix up, as she still believes that I love in Los Angeles. I was expecting something like this to happen as my friends parents were reaching ages where things started to happen to their health and their absence was due to a family visit to see their parents, which is understandable. Now I am an due to make a visit myself without my partner and the pooch. So far being a diabetic has made my taste buds actually tell shit food from great food. So I hit up Youtube to see what type of things I would need to replace instead of most of the crap I called food. No processed food, and learn moderation. Bought a juicer and throw virtually everything into it
and actually know sleep better than I have in a while. I am thinking this is the universe showing me something in a way to better understand my mothers' condition.

At present Bren is not to keen on me serving him a nut loaf raw food vegan wheatgrass sprout and kale roast. Come to think of it neither is my dog. But I am kinda glad that this is making me better aquainted with food and learning the art of cooking, which I love. However Bren says I am more Sweedish chef in the kitchen than say Heston Blumenthal. for I always leave a mess in my wake with the kitchen gadgets, which I love using. It's funny that most foods cantain stuff that actually contains ingredients that encourage diabetes to begin with, like corn syrup which is in most foods to begin with. There are things I have cut out like fried foods, All Whiskey's (That one hurts) and most sugar foods and drinks. Immediately I took to making my own plan and diet which has been pretty cool. Yet I have learned that you spend most of your life trying not to be like your parents and you end up being like them most in areas you least expected. So as I have made arrangements to for my trip to LA
I hope with some of my own knowledge I can help my mom and have an better understanding of her current situation.

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