Friday, 19 March 2010

That George Michale Kills Me Everytime!

*This is not an actual shot of George Michael's Iphone Grindr app, But it is funny that that sleeping dude looks like he's fallen asleep in a Public Toilet... I know The Shame!*

I will admit that I am all for waving your freak flag high and getting your ho stroll on, but Mister Sister George Michael has a new ad-dick-tion is Iphones Grindr! My assistant and apprentice told me about the Grindr Iphone app, where you place a profile up and it will locate guys in your area ready to get down with the pow chicca chicca boom boom if you know what I mean. As most of you know how I feel about dorks with Iphones can you imagine how I feel about fucking Grindr! I mean George Michael is a grown man and can do what he wants, but damn it does no one get blown in a fucking gay bar anymore?

The tabloid stories go as follows, Georgie pordgie was down under in Oz and was hankering to drop to his knees and go Down Under. As George was unfamiliar with the local parks, bushes, public toilets to fall asleep in he figured he'd use Grinder to help his little dilemma. I mean craving cock is a full time job and he was checking his Grindr app in between his set supposedly. You got to hand it to him, Mr. Michael's is a master of spinning many plates and multi tasking. Chasing cock for gays is nothing new and party phone lines begat, the personal ad, begat the internet, begat Craigslist and Gaydar profile, begat Grinder and so on and so on. So Georgie can't be bothered by asking his minders to get him some rent or find a hot guy in a gay bar like any decent slut. I guess sitting around in a a dank toilet all day is one way of
wasting time without hopes of catching the BIG ONE. I am not a fan of his music but applaud he approach to cock, cause I swear that guy seems like he is always in perpetual heat. I mean jesus, he could probably wear out a mechanical bull. What will some techie gay slut think of next?

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