Monday, 10 May 2010


French Comic Artist Logan does some pretty cool comics. Covering everything from Superheroes, Police men, Demons, and chubby Guys, to my assistants favourite type of men, Bears. (Yes Ben, I am looking at you) I like that most of his work does incorperate tattoos in them. That said, the tattoos are actually pretty good. I think the dude should draw some flash! Some comic artists draw some fucking shit tattoos on their subjects, but Logan has it down pat. I am not sure he has a tattoo, Yet I have been known to two a few of his men on my clients. Which is always fun to do and take my time in doing them as I want to get the exact essence of the artwork to make the same impact. God, I feel like Banky from Chasing Amy. I got your tracer hanging with snacks underneath.

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