Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My assistant Ben, (yes you Benji Jean Marie Babette Chalmers) is always busting my balls about my clothes. Sure I poke fun of his shoes. But I had a rule, If I don't like the shoe, I won't sleep with you!
Yet he says I have a style, which makes me thinks I believe he thinks I get dressed in the dark or a six year old with Special Needs chooses what I wear. Still I wont wear my good clothes to work, as I pay to much for those to be ruined by the dreaded tattoo ink. But here I will always bow at the church of Dame Vivienne Westwood. Her son made my outfit when I got hitched to Bren, it was her tartan that he knicked from his mother's Design Studio in Battersea that made my dandy waistcoat. Side bar, I had Bren's tooth in my pocket during the cermony If you get a chance to check out Barnsley and Joe's shop A Child Of The Jago.
It's just around the corner from my shop, the have some great stuff in there.

While there you might want to purchase this little T wich proceeds will got to Humanade!

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