Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sexually Inappropriate With Straight Males!

I like hanging out with my straight male friends. Some of my closest friends are straight men. I prefere hanging out with thtem cause they don;t give me have the shit my gay male friends do. Yet first off, I do not want to fuck them, sleep with them nor do I even remotely fancy them. Don't get me wrong they're handsome and all and got it going on, but I just don't see them in that way. However I did have a friend named Tony whom used to beg his straight friends to let him suck thier dicks. How crass, how sad, and fucking pathetic. Beg! Are you kidding me, that's one thing I would never do is beg a fucking guy to suck his dick. I would simply get them drunk and or high to wear down their resistence. Short, sweet and simple, easy but to beg. As fucking if. At least we can blames the drugs or alcohol. Anyways, Facebook has a page of stright guys acting all kinds of crazy with ofther dudes. I know some guys think about taking a wak on the wild side, but this was kind of funny that these dudes play it up which was cool with me. I give you, I'm sexually inappropriate with my friends, but I'm actually not gay. I had to kiss my straight flatmate Martin on a dare, french kiss for a whole minute with tongue in front of our friends. I'll just say his wife is a very lucky lady!

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