Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sexual Napalm!

Being a rent boy, escort, whore taxi fuck is never a luxurious life, nor an easy gig. I don't care if your stank ass is flown to Bora Bora for an all expenses paid holiday, it's fucking work. As stories start to bubble over about the newly discovered cock crazy Christian craving minister George Alan Rekers (wow say that 3 times fast), and his side piece whom is peddling more than just his ass to any sundry that will ply his bank account. A ho is as a ho does. Make that money don't let it make you! What I never under stand is why is it, that it is always the fucking typical right wing second cousin to the Westboro Baptist Church that has his dick caught in a sling. And with low grade rent. I mean come on, if you're a minister at least get hot rent not some pasty mong with Shaggy's hair and gimpy grin.

Well, I can imagine where some of that $87, 000 for his participation as a witness voicing his concerns against gay adoptions. Julio Lucien Renoso Villalobos Cisneros or what ever the hell is fuck wit hooker name is on claims that the minister likes rub downs in the nude while on a 10 day vacation in Europe. What I don;t get about these fucking idiots is that there are European escorts in Europe whom don't really know whom that son of a bitch is. I guess Stupidasswhorenextstore .com was down for maintenance. The paid piece is also the same age as the ministers son. Ewe! If I were a minister looking for some action, I surely wouldn't hire this,

I would hire this!

I mean Jesus, Mary and Joseph you're a minister for god's sakes is there no accounting for taste? Well, apparently not. After all if I am gonna pay for sex I don't want to roll with a hippity hop space hopper, I want a ride a fucking Pontiac GTO with four on the floor if you please. After all if I am going to go for a test drive I want to know how big the stick shift is, if you know what I mean. Yet to each his own and his son rubbing ass, I am just glad that these guys get found out. I mean there is no shame in saying you like sucking on a guys dick and meaning it. I mean you could put me on cable tv, wearing a fucking tutu in day glow yellow, watering a Chia pet, sucking a big dick to the rhythm of I'm Every Woman. But You know what I would be on TV sucking a BIG DICK with a smile on my face. Well as long as it's paid per veiw, I mean let's think of the children shall we. You know while we are on the subject of Fags. I actually don't think God really hates Fags, but I am pretty sure he detests Christian Ministers comb overs and Lesbians and thier god damn alleged gifted children. So I guess it is just a matter of time before Rhona Blabbit's and the rest of the taxi door whores come out and admit to polishing the Rev's pole for the love of Jesus, caus I am sure it wasn't Satan. He would never be that cruel. I would keep my mouth fucking shut, does no one have any respect for sluts nowadays? That would be like saying you fucked Perez Hilton and are proud about it!. Personally I would rather stick my dick into a bed of snails, than do either of those fuckers. Gross!

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