Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tattoo You!

As summer is near and this damn cold weather in London still persists, I will be keeping busy with my hairbrained schemes and cock-a-mamie ideas. First up, I will be present manning a booth at London Bear Pride with the thanks to Mark Ames and the guys at XXL Saturday Evening May 29th. Although I don't consider myself a bear I do have loads of bear clients whom have been cool enough to let me work on them. My assistant Benji will probably be doing the social circuit whie I am chained to my tattoo machines. So to show my supprt I will be selling t-shirts, art and of course tattoos. Swing by and say hello or come get a tattoo bear or otherwise. If you would like to get a tattoo at the event please email me at with a summary of what you would like to have done.

After that I will be manning another booth at this years Skin Deep Tattoo Jam in Beautiful Doncaster
England. Me and the guys will be loading a van and heading up north to talk shop and of course tattoo, if you get a chance to go swing by the booth and say hello or just come and get tattooed. I am taking appointments for this show and am available. Some of the best artists in the world will be tattooing here, over the three day event through August 6th-8th with Artist Friday kicking off the show. So if you can get in touch with your idea for the show and contact me. See you then.

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