Saturday, 1 May 2010

Shoot Yourself!

I have always liked personal photos of women who've taken them themselves. A sort of embodiment and embracing thier sex appeal and identity. Gay guys don't approach phot's the same way as women do. Nope, gay guys place a fashion show of many outfits plunked on to a website in hopes of getting laid or showing off. The thing is some drip with pure egotism and vanity and look just stupid. I mean do I really need to see some dork ass on bike, in his construction builder boots, or posing behind a blank wall with a vacant stare trying to impose butchness. Bitch is so far in the closet that fucker is practically in Narnia. So I came across I Shot Myself and really liked the element of the photos, with elements of humour, sex and intimacy. The woman photograph themselves and allow you to be the voyeur.

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