Sunday, 7 February 2010

Designer's Band Wagon!

I love tattoo's, extremely passionate about them. I am always looking at ways to make my work be more unrecognisable to those who follow my work. Over the last couple of days I have been doing interviews for Kerrang, Red Radio, and London School Of Economics. So my nose has been planted in the press to keep me on top of current events. Like the one of Anya Hindmarch's "Pop Up Tattoo Shop". I say fuck this bullshit. Wow what a novel idea. Especially coming from someone who actually doesn't tattoo. Only known as a boring ass jewellery designer most noted for this boring ass trendy bag.

When fashionista's come in they have specific ideas of tattoos, it's the image. Yet when they deal with dress makers, they're all ears when a dress makes their ass look like a bloated beach ball. Some actually listen to the technical aspects of a design when explaining their theory on paper wont transfer on skin at the size they want it. Last week one @%$^*%&^*(^& with a (*&^^(%^%%&^$ whom I wanted to %^$&^%$@@%$£ till she &^$*&^%^%(*^% , came in and was a (OK HENRY TYPE SLOWLY AND BREATH) C. You Next Tuesday, to the highest order. To her I was just some lowly tattooist, but Chanel had tattoos that were yes breath taking and lovely to look at but just wouldn't work as permanent pieces on skin in the traditional sense. I said calmly, "Madam you're looking at a decal, not an actual tattoo applied by make-up artists. Beautiful yes nevertheless, but just scientifically impossible to age and hold their dimensions in the size she wanted it, virtually miniscule. Witch got a bee sting on her labia and got on her high horse and said she would go elsewhere since I was unwilling to do it. To which I never said is didn't, I simply said we were dealing with a sticker and she was a living organism.

What transfers on paper will not age and hold on your skin unless you go larger to accommodate the age of the tattoo. She started to become argumentative and assume that I just wasn't interested, which was clearly not the case. Her reasoning , because Chanel did it it has to be possible. OH MY FUCKING GOD! Attention people, just cause some dried up old spanish lady looking corpse with a fucking fan throws tattoos down a catwalk, does not mean that they are technically possible to do. You will have to LISTEN TO WHAT THE ARTIST IS TELLING YOU. Don't assume some purse designer knows dick about tattoos, they are simply after your money and your
individual style. Sheep I call them. I love style but detest fashion. Think about it long and hard. Take down the fat picture of yourself and replace it with a tattoo design your thinking of seriously having leave it their for a month or two. See an artist and then listen to their input and suggestions. If you feel comfortable with what they are saying to you with a clear head, chances are you will love your tattoo design forever, not till Anya or Zombie Auntie Karl think it's time to move to the next trend forecast. This is not to say that two noted designer whom I have had the grace of tattooing both Dexter Wong and Alexander McQueen didn't strike me as like thier fashionista groupies. Maybe that's the thing they make clothes out of ideas where other simply want to follow the clothes not the idea.

Like Yves Saint Laurant menswear designer Stefano Pilati's new tattoo cuff, put his money where his mouth his, and committed to the moment. Bad ass, do I believe that fashion and tattoo's can co-exist together? Absolutely yet I leave the fashion to the professional designer, and leave the other to us tattoo artists.

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