Monday, 15 February 2010

Song Of The Moment.

I am a fan of Massive Attack, always have been. When they coupled with Los Angeles's own Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star how can you not resist. Upon first hearing this song this was the stand out track and then I saw the promo videos that they released to promote Heligoland, I was sold. Georgina Spelvin gives her honest and sincere take on making The Devil In Miss Jones nearly some 38 years ago. The video is directed by Toby Dye, and is genius. While promoting Heligoland, Transport For London refused to place posters in tube stations for reasons that the album's sleeve artwork resembled "Street Art". Say waht, what you talking bout Willis? Unlike the useless crap they bombard us with on a daily basis from coroperate companies. Spelvin's accounts isn't sugar coated and interspersed with flashbacks of the film from the "Golden Era of Porn". I paired it with Georgina Spelvins first controversial role as a lesbian teen for juxtaposition. We've come a long way. Spare me your Andrea Dworkin theologies, and simply enjoy.

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