Thursday, 4 February 2010

Henry Pie Hands.

I woke up a few days ago and for a brief second, I had to ask myself, just what the hell I got myself into. It was strange cause you would think that I would know better by now. But then old habits die hard. I'm not complaining, but I have been a drawing fool. Drawing stuff for clients, doing interviews and trying to gear up for the Ice Sculpture for the Cube on the Southbank for Feb 9th. If I am honest I am nervous, cause with the London weather being a unpredictable bitch, it could be a disaster. This is mostly in my head, so I am trying to place a positive spin on all this. Not to mention I am going on a road trip to Dublin with Bren to finally meet the rest of his family. Bren's parents have a house a block from the beach in Sandymount part of Dublin. STOKED! And I have never been to Ireland. so coolness. Yet meeting a party of like 28 people and their children, well thats like a clan or a small gang. Wish me luck. Pooch doesn't care she will be in new surroundings and run her little legs off till she passes out from exhaustion. Ahh, bless.

Yes folks, I am going to meet the in-laws. I am always nervous about stuff like this cause I feel like the bad kid whose friends parents never really approve of you, cause you're a bad influence. Bren is a big guy and is lovely. So I will have to channel my Thelma and Louise and hit the road with my life partner and dog. Next week is the unveiling and trying my hand at etching Ice was really cool. Really cool and fucking COLD, COLD BEYOND ANYTHING. It was a strange feeling at first but I got the hang of it and actually enjoyed myself. Ice Flaking like a mother fucker, it is done job to wear a wetsuit with and have a steady hand. I mean I was practicing on a sliver yet the block that will hold the car will be frozen for 280 days, is no small task. Hello thats like a Glacier from the Arctic.

I am excited about going to Dublin in the Cube and have been trying to keep my head clear and just focus on my work. Luckily things are in the pipe line and feel that it's all going the way it should. Fingers crossed. Rounding out interviews and doing a pre-recorded one for Kerrang Magazine was kool as they focused on art and tattoos as well as the unveiling on the 9th. So you will have to keep coming back and see what happens while me and Bren and Pooch are on the road.
I may drive him made with my Sonic Youth Playlist. Thank god the car
has a usb cable to plug in my iphone and Ipod, so getting lost will be next to impossible.. That rules. Woo hoo! Press is starting to buzz and that is cool and very happy about that. I thought about putting some sketches up but you will just have to wait. Always leave the crowd wanting more.

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